Is a teaching degree required to help the students with their school work?

No, we need all kinds of volunteers. All you need is the love of Jesus Christ and a love for children. We need volunteers that just like to sit with the children and let them read to them, volunteers that can do basic Math and English or even volunteers that have a love for Algebra, Chemistry, English, History and/or Science. We have a place for you. We DO conduct background checks on all of our volunteers.

Do you have a place for people that play musical instruments?

Yes, we are always in need of people that can teach piano and guitar and voice, and if you have an instrument you would like to teach our students to play, bring it on! If you are a woodworker that can make a musical instrument, contact us!

I’m interested in my child attending the Academy, how do I get more information?

You can fill out the contact form here on our webiste or you can email us at: info@academyhhranch.org or call us at: (803) 993-8007.

How do families find out about the school?

You can find out more about The Academy at Double H Ranch through our website, word of mouth around the community, churches and the Department of Family Services.

Do you have openings for certified teachers?

Yes, openings exist for highschool level courses, particularly for History, Government, Economics. If you are interested, please email us at: info@academyhhranch.org or call us at: (803) 993-8007.

What are at-risk children?

Children can be considered at-risk when they come from families that are considered low-income or at poverty threshhold levels and/or come from families where there are drug, alcohol or abuse issues in their home environments.

I like to bake, cook and sew, do you have a need for me?

Yes, we would love for you to teach the students to bake, cook and/or sew. We have a full kitchen and sewing machines just waiting for you!

How do I get involved in volunteering or sponsoring?

We always have a need for volunteers and sponsors at the Academy, as we have ongoing activities all year long. Please visit the 'Get Involved' page of the webiste to view and download a list of our volunteer and sponsorship opportunities. Please also complete our volunteer form and email it to info@academyhhranch.org or call us at (803) 993-8007 for more information.

What does Double H stand for?

Hope and healing

Is the school considered a 501c3 non-profit?

Yes, all donations are tax deductible.

How do I obtain a copy of the Academy's financial documentation?

Contact info@academyhhranch.org or call us at 803-993-8007

I want to mail a check. Whom should I make the check payable to?

The Academy at Double H Ranch

What is the mailing address?

Post Office Box 769372, Roswell, GA 30076