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The Academy is a Christian K - 12 school which is held in a converted barn. The Academy's campus resides on the Double H Ranch which provides Equine Therapy, Barrel Racing, Horseback Riding and Bronco lesson. The Academy is located in northwest Georgia, in Pickens County. The Academy is for low income families which need an alternative learning method for children. We provide a high quality education with independent studies based on the individual need of the child. We provide one-on-one tutoring by certified teachers to insure the highest quality of learning.

Equine Therapy is provided on a weekly basis to help heal children struggling with emotion issues. Barrel Racing and Bronco Riding builds confidence in children struggling with low self-esteem and develops physical skills for child development. The children learn about responsibilities by being tasked with daily chores that are required for a working ranch. The children learn how to take care of horses, farm animals and garden. It is an amazing opportunity to experience studying and working on a ranch. Our program helps change lives and point children in a positive life direction, giving them a hope and a future.