Located in rural Pickens County, Georgia the Academy is located within Appalachia; one of the poorest, most disadvantaged regions in the United States.  Nearly forty percent of the population live below the federal poverty level and about one in three children in the region do not know where their next meal will come from.

Children from low income families seldom perform well in public schools.  It has been estimated that these students are absent from school nearly a month out of every year.  While malnutrition and limited medical attention result in health problems in many cases, school truancy is more often the result of poor home conditions.  Broken homes, family members with drug/alcohol addiction, and neglect are just a few of the facts that make Pickens County students at-risk for academic failure. 

Imagine a life that by no fault of their own has been already decided against them -- no chance of breaking out of the cycle of poverty, abuse, neglect, and addiction.  Then a ray of hope burst through that bleak darkness and shines a light on the possibility of an alternative outcome -- one with promise, acceptance, understanding, healing, and a real shot at a future.  This is exactly what the Academy offers for these children. 

Why At Risk Kids