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Volunteers are our most valued resource. Whether you volunteer two hours a week or two hours a month, time spent investing in the lives of our students is time well spent. We need on-site volunteers and volunteers that can work from their home.

Our volunteers come from a variety of educational backgrounds and bring a rich and diverse set of skills to the Academy.  Whether it be music or math, roping or reading, our volunteers help instill in our students a sense of worth.

These are a few of the areas of greatest need we have at this time:

Social Media Volunteer


Grant Writers

After School Tutors

If you are interested in helping to change the life of a disadvantage child or youth, we have a spot for you!

For more information about volunteering, contact us today.

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Because the Academy at Double H Ranch is tuition free, our students depend on sponsors in order to be able to attend. There are sponsorship levels to meet any and all budgets. For as little as ten dollars a month, you can help to change the life of a child and give them hope for the future.


Tuition Sponsorships pay for all the expenses involved in giving these students the best education possible.

Full Tuition Sponsorship: $100 a month

or share a sponsorship

Half Tuition Sponsorship: $50 a month

Curriculum Sponsorships pay for the materials a student needs such as textbooks, lab materials, and software.

Full Curriculum Sponsorship: $40 a month

or share a sponsorship

Half Curriculum Sponsorship: $20 a month

Meal Sponsorships guarantee that our students never go hungry.

Full Meal Sponsorship: $20 a month 

or share a sponsorship

Half Meal Sponsorship: $10 a month