What We Do

The Academy at Double H Ranch seeks to help low income, at-risk students to prepare for life.  Because children from low income families rarely do well in public schools, the Academy provides a tuition-free education in a non-traditional setting.

Located on a working horse ranch in rural Pickens County, Georgia, the Academy ministers to students in Appalachia; one of the poorest, most disadvantaged regions in the United States. Nearly forty percent of the population live below the poverty level and nearly one in three children in this region suffer from malnutrition and/or hunger.

The majority of our students come from broken homes or from families with a history of addiction, mental illness, or poverty. Prospective students are recommended to us by local counselors and pastors because they have exhibited a desire to break free from the cycle of destructive behavior that is so common among the Appalachian people.  These are good students who are battling to overcome disadvantages in order to succeed in life.

The Academy offers these students a stable learning community and two balanced meals a day.  However, our goal is to provide a hand up and not a hand out. Therefore, every student spends a portion of their school week in working on the ranch. Depending on age and ability, chores may include caring for the horses, feeding the chickens, or weeding the garden.